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Why Use Elevator Pads?

If you’ve ridden in a service or freight elevator, you might have noticed elevator pads on the walls. Here are some reasons why they’re important.

Elevator padding protects the interior walls

When service elevators are carrying freight up and down all day, they can take a beating. With deliveries, moves and construction traffic, the elevator walls are often not a concern. The pads keep the walls of the elevator from getting scratched and dented. Fixing damaged elevator walls can be costly, and often requires the cab to be off-line while being repaired. This can be inconvenient for residents and staff alike.

Not all buildings have service elevators

If a building doesn’t have a service elevator, often a passenger one is assigned to transport freight. It’s even more important to have high quality elevator pads available, as passenger elevators tend to have more expensive finishes that should be protected.

Elevator pads protect valuable freight

If you have furniture or other valuable freight being transported, not only the elevator’s interior is at risk, The freight itself is too. The elevator protection pads serve to protect cab interiors as well all that is transported, big and small for peace of mind to all involved.

Elevator pads can help keep building maintenance costs down, reduce insurance claims, and make your building look well-maintained. Our pads fit all the major manufacturers such as Otis, Schindler, and ThyssenKrupp. All our pads conform to applicable codes all pertinent, safety codes, and are flame retardant.

We also sell heavy-duty, commercial-grade floor mats. They protect high traffic areas such as elevator floors. They’re constructed of a finely woven coarse polypropylene material embedded into a strong, durable rubber backing for extra slip prevention. Mats are custom-cut, and have a beveled edge to provide a safe and even walking surface.

Please contact today for more details, and check out our website for more information at

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