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Property Managers: Does Your Condominium Building Have Elevator Pads to Protect Cab Walls?

Do you have any pads to hang at all? Are the pads you have torn, patched up with duct tape, dirty or barely hanging on the studs? We’ve seen it all, let us help!

We specialize in condominium buildings and other high-rises and understand the challenges property managers and those in similar positions face. Quality Elevator Pads is an expert on elevator pads and can help. We sell the highest quality pads on the market with material, color and hanging solution options to best suit your needs.

Use our order form to get started, or simply email us at your measurements in whatever way works for you. We’ll take it from there to prepare a quote and fill your order while following all necessary codes to ensure compliance.

Would you like a logo on your elevator pads? We can do that too! Custom Embroidered Logo (maximum size of 13” x 19″) can be sewn onto your elevator pads. Logos are sewn onto a patch and the patch is sewn onto your pads. For consistency, the patch is the same color as your pads.

Questions? Please email us at or call ​(239) 703-2954.

We are located in beautiful southwest Florida but ship all over the country. New customers received 10% off their first set of elevator pads!

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