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4 Reasons To Install Floor Mats In Your Elevators

Our elevator mats protect the flooring inside elevators. Not only should elevator floor mats protect the elevator floor, the y must ensure safe entry and exit, provide comfort when standing on them, as well as offer the option to show off the building’s logo. We’ll help make sure you get the best fit for your elevator mat. Here are a few reasons we think you should have elevator floor mats in each of your elevators.

To Ensure Safety

Our elevator floor mats are heavy-duty, commercial-grade mats used to protect high traffic areas such as elevator floors. They are constructed of a finely woven coarse polypropylene material that's embedded into a strong, durable rubber backing for extra slip prevention. They meet ADA requirements with a beveled edge to provide a safe and even walking surface at the door’s edge.

To Protect The Floors

Installing floor mats in your elevators will keep floors of the elevator clean and protected. People entering the building from outdoors will use the mats to wipe off dirt, water, and other debris from their shoes. Carts of all kinds entering and exiting, furniture and appliance deliveries, construction materials and equipment can all damage elevator floors.

Promotional Purposes

One of the most strategic places to install a beautiful logo mat or message is the elevator. Everyone will see the logo or message when entering the elevator, and while riding read it several times before exiting. Provide us with a file of your logo or message and we can customize your mats.

To Enhance The Decor

Our elevator floor mats are not only practical, they are beautiful! A wide variety of color choices available ensures mats will match any color scheme. You can choose from either the brown or black edging. New custom-cut elevator floor mats (and matching elevator wall pads) will ensure your elevators look clean and well maintained!

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